Album à Noel + Tous les albums (y compris thank you) seront réédités !

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Album à Noel + Tous les albums (y compris thank you) seront réédités !

Message  The Seventh Stranger le Mar 26 Oct - 11:00

Chat with Simon Le Bon – Notes from Katy Kafe1
October 25th, 2010Kitty Amsbry

Simon Le Bon, showing off his birthday beard yesterday in Rome
◦The first quarter of the chat was spent discussing the weather. Simon is fond of autumn and the change of seasons. He does not feel threatened by the cold, and likes throwing snowballs and making snowmen. He may try skiing again this winter.
◦Simon tells us that he enjoys spending time in the garden, performing a Kung Fu maneuver called the “horse dance,” wherein he holds a squatting position for approximately 30 minutes.
◦Simon praised the packaging of the Notorious and Big Thing reissues (they rarely ever seem to get past the packaging, do they?), and he thinks that all of the Duran Duran material, including Thank You should be reissued. And then reissued again.
◦Simon has been enjoying his work with Mark Ronson and the Business INTL. He feels that he was able to make his part on the title track of the record his very own, and it was “really a lot of fun”. He really likes Someone to Love Me, the tune with Boy George, and has spoken with him about possibly doing something together in the future.
◦There was a short discussion of George Michael’s “driving” problems. Simon says George is a great guy.
◦Simon asks Katy if you can pick and eat elderberries. He has an elderberry tree, and would like a listener to tell him if it is safe to eat the berries or not.
◦There was explanation of title of the new album, All You Need is Now. It has some existental qualities, meaning that the only moment that counts is right now, it also means not to give up even if you have been around for a while. The song is about knowing that you’re still around and proud of it. Simon likes that the title is a “slight mutilation” of a Beatles title.
◦“All I can say regarding the release of the new album is keep your eyes and ears open around Christmas as there might be something coming around then, and I reckon before the new year.”

◦Simon spoke briefly about the FENDI show during Paris Fashion Week. Basically, they couldn’t resist a free trip to Paris and had a lot of fun.
◦Simon has a bit of a beard, he is trying it out to do some filming, so we will be seeing it. It’s still a bit “gappy”, but “soft and lovely.” He says he hasn’t got food stuck in it yet. He would like to have a Jesse James / Ned Kelley type of beard, complete with handlebar mustache. He has deemed it a “birthday beard.”
◦“We’ve got a big year ahead of us… it’s going to to be a lot of fun!”
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Re: Album à Noel + Tous les albums (y compris thank you) seront réédités !

Message  stef le Sam 6 Nov - 21:16

C'est vraiment une super nouvelle.

Quand je pense qu'il m'a fallu attendre 2010 pour commencer à apprécier les remixes de la période BIG THING !

J'imagine déjà les visuels de MEDAZZALAND (en vinyl affraid )


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