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Message  jo74 le Sam 5 Juin - 2:33

Come Undone, which was one of the last tracks completed for the Wedding Album, was actually first conceived as a cover of First Impression off the album Liberty, and was to have been included on the next DD album, Thank You.

Warren was working the riff for First Impression on a Steinberger Trans Trem guitar, with an altered low tuning and thick wobbly strings, when that progression and sound turned into the familiar Come Undone opening. A call for a PM Dawn/Soul to Soul style backing loop was heard from the control room, and the classic song soon took shape. There were no live drums on the song, and Nick Rhodes and John Jones played synth bass as John Taylor was not in the UK for this recording. Simon penned the final lyrics and came up with the wonderful "Who do you love" melody which gives the song its memorable chorus. The record label fell in love with the finished track.

On a sad note, Lamya, who joined Duran Duran for their two-year Wedding Album tour, and related television appearances, including MTV Unplugged, died suddenly in 2009 at aged 35 of a heart attack. She is featured in many classic live performances of Come Undone.


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